Luis Pazos

(1940, AR)

Monumento al prisionero político desaparecido / Monument to the Disappeared Political Prisoner, 1972
Photo of the exhibition ‘Arte e Ideología en CAYC al aire libre’ (Art and Ideology. CAYC in the Open Air), Plaza Roberto Arlt, Buenos Aires,
Courtesy: The Artist

Monumento al prisionero poltico desaparecido, 1972

In September 1972, Pazos participated in the exhibition ‘Art and Ideology: CAYC in the Open Air’ with three tombstones entitled Monument to the Disappeared Political Prisoner. During the exhibition, three anonymous persons lay down in front the tombstones, occupying the place of the absent bodies. Several works from the exhibition referred to the massacre of Trelew, the shooting of sixteen guerrillas imprisoned in a prison in Rawson in retaliation for an escape attempt. The exhibition was closed by police two days after its opening and the works were abducted.


Hacia un arte del pueblo (Toward an Art of the People), 1972

„The art of the people should be:

  1. CLEAR: That is to say, direct, accessible, comprehensible to everyone.
  2. ETHICAL: In other words, the content must take precedence over the form, with each work having a clear function of consciousness raising.
  3. NATIONAL: The subjects should relate to the reality of the country in question.
  4. COMMITTED: Through her work the artist should constantly question the forms of Power, be it cultural, political, economic, social or religious.
  5. VIOLENT: Like every expression of peoples struggling for their liberation.”

(Luis Pazos; in: Arte e Ideología en CAYC al aire libre catalogue)