Herbert Rodríguez

(1959, PE)

La muerte está en el Perú, y tu en qué estás / The death is in Peru, and what are you into?
Mural in University of San Marcos, Lima, 1988


From the mid-80s Herbert Rodríguez, an ex-member of Taller E.P.S Huayco, carried out a series of precarious works in response to the internal violence in Peru, which combined images of sex, politics and religion. In 1986, he began the project Art-Life at the Carpa Teatro in Puente Santa Rosa (Lima), through an experimental materials workshop to create precarious objects and photomontages in different public spaces, with an aesthetic influenced by punk and dada. Since 1988, he moved his workspace to the University of San Marcos and then to the Catholic University and other exterior spaces, from which he produced mural newspapers and paintings as a space of resistance and struggle against discouragement and death.